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04/23/15 - 7:29 AM
Volunteer NKY is on Friday
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04/21/15 - 11:53 AM
Cooking Matters: Nutrition and Culinary Education
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04/20/15 - 2:55 PM
May's SNA Partner Tour: Life Learning Center
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04/16/15 - 4:21 PM
Northern Kentucky Scholar House
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04/16/15 - 2:05 PM
Postal Carriers' Food Drive Signs
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04/16/15 - 11:28 AM
Free HIV Testing
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04/16/15 - 10:41 AM
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04/16/15 - 10:31 AM
Budget and Credit Counseling
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04/16/15 - 9:24 AM
Enrichment Center Grand Opening
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04/15/15 - 6:03 PM
Volunteer NKY - April 24 - Can You Help with Aware
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04/10/15 - 3:36 PM
New Faces of Fundraising Internship Applications
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04/10/15 - 3:31 PM
Leadercast Leadership Training
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04/08/15 - 9:59 AM
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04/08/15 - 9:35 AM
William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship
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04/07/15 - 4:01 PM
Mom/Student In Need
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04/07/15 - 3:01 PM
NKADD is hiring a Workforce Specialist- JRA Instru
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04/03/15 - 12:15 PM
Job opportunity for in-home caregivers
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03/31/15 - 2:45 PM
Upcoming Trainings at the Innovation Center
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03/31/15 - 9:02 AM
Cooking Matters- Free Cooking Program!
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03/25/15 - 10:43 AM
Date Change for May Food Committee Meeting!
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03/20/15 - 2:32 PM
Last Chance to Enroll for 2015!
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03/17/15 - 10:05 AM
Rural Case Management
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03/16/15 - 1:42 PM
Supportive Housing Program soon to be openings
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02/02/15 - 9:25 AM
Women's Support Group
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03/06/15 - 10:05 AM
kynect - NKCAC
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The Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky was established

to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of safety net services provided to Northern Kentuckians in need.  

The collaborative includes large and small non-profit and faith-based organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and funders.


 Wednesday, May 20th, 2015


 St. John's UCC, 415 Park Avenue, Newport, KY

 Speakers: Children's Inc. Speakers Bureau



For more information on upcoming events and meetings, visit our Upcoming Events page.





  • Safety Net Alliance General Meeting 4-15


    Thank you to Tiffany Smith and Garien Gatewood of Children's Law Center for presenting on Youth Homelessness and Reentry Issues; also, thank you to Michelle Bullis for presenting on the 2015 Summer Activity Resource Directory. Most of all, thank you to the nearly 70 individuals for attending the April Safety Net Alliance General Meeting!

  • Good News Feed

    Why a Good News Feed?

    This Feed is a platform to celebrate the achievements of our Partner Agencies! The goal is to build community by honoring Partner successes, while supplementing the work of the SNA Impact and Marketing Committee.

    How do I share my good news?


    What can be shared?

    Anything that benefits the work of Safety Net Alliance Partners. This includes: promotions, new programs, client successes (with no identifying info), SNA Committee accomplishments, press releases about our Partner Agencies, changes in legislation that support SNA Partner Agencies. If you are sharing a client success, please keep that individual's privacy in mind and make sure not to include identifying information.

    Any particular format?

    Include a headline, and 2-4 sentences about your good news. This should be brief, but can include links to flyers or web pages elsewhere that give more details. 

    How is this different than an Alert?

    The Good News Feed is a location on the site that is solely dedicated to Partner successes. Alerts can contain any kind of information, but this Feed's function is to publicly shine a light on you and your work!

    Photograph Disclaimer

    Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky values the privacy concerns of its Members.  If you object to your image appearing on a photo displayed on this site, please email us and we ill remove it as quickly as possible.  


    Enjoy the Good News!

    -The Safety Net Alliance Website Committee


What's available now?

04/17/15 - 9:12 AM
2015 Summer Resource Directory
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04/06/15 - 8:54 AM
Bed Open for Female Veteran
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03/20/15 - 11:06 AM
Senior Home Repair Program
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03/20/15 - 10:03 AM
Magazine Publication- Spring 2015 Publication
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02/12/15 - 9:35 AM
Action Ministries - has cleaners and oil products
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02/11/15 - 2:02 PM
NKYHatesHeroin Resource Guide!
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