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"The Safety Net Alliance has been an important component in acquiring resources and services for the clients at United Ministries. When I became the Director at United Ministries the only background I had in the Social Service Field was on the job training while serving as an AmeriCorps member and a brief time as Associate Director. At the time I began attending Safety Net meetings I was working with a wonderful mentor from SCORE, Mary Jane Goode. She helped me set priorities for becoming educated in the various skills required to make the agency a successful instrument for change.

One of the things she encouraged me to was to find ways to network with other professionals and agencies. The Safety Net Alliance provided a way to do that. I learned about the services various agencies and churches provided which might compliment those we could give. I became aware of issues that not only affected our clients but those across Northern Kentucky. I became acquainted with funders such as United Way and The Butler Foundation. I became a part of several committees which have made it possible for UM to provide more food and resources to those in need than ever before. The SNA has given me opportunities to grow as a professional and to increase substantially both the quality and quantity of services provided here. I highly recommend attendance and involvement in this groundbreaking organization."  

Becky Ewing, Executive Director, United Ministries


"The Safety Net Alliance is a great resource for our agency, particularly for our Case Manager....The collaboration opportunities are wonderful and it really helps people to get the information they need to help one another more quickly.  I would absolutely recommend that other agencies join the Safety Net Alliance."    

Lisa Desmarais, former Executive Director, Family Promise of Northern Kentucky


"The Safety Net Agency and this website has been an absolute lifesaver at times for [our] agency staff and the clients that we serve.  With a touch of a button so much information is here to choose from for whatever assistance our clients may need.  Every situation is covered with resources and info.  There isn’t a website or program out there that can compare to the wealth of information that is here on these pages.  Congrats to those who continue to work and serve clients today that have experienced so much loss in their lives and are trying to hang in there or start over.  I’m on this website daily at times.  It has been my pleasure to be associated with this organization for the past 5 years."  

Sherry Barhorst, Recovery Network/Mental Health America


"The Safety Net Alliance is definitely what collaboration is all about! Every agency brings a unique viewpoint to the table, and everyone is focused on how to best serve our community. The alliance is truly unique to our region and irreplaceable in Northern Kentucky!"  

Janet Chambers, Founder and CEO, I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation


"The SNA has been great as a connection to share food. When we get a large amount of something, I now have agencies to share with. I know those agencies were always there before but now I am with them around a table each month and I have a personal connection. This, and having easy access to them through the website, makes it so much more efficient. Also with being a smaller agency, I feel that I have great support and a sounding board through the SNA with all sizes of agencies. This allows me to be a wonderful resource to the guests I serve everyday."  

Karen Yates, Executive Director, Hosea House


"The SNA is a true breakthrough.  For the first time, all stakeholders are invited to the same table to resolve the problems facing low-income families in our region.  The Butler Foundation encourages mission-driven collaboration.  We invested in this web portal to make it easier for SNA members to communicate and work together." 

Barbara Schaefer, Executive Director, The Butler Foundation


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